About Us

The Toronto Ukrainian Foundation is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Our Purpose

The Toronto Ukrainian Foundation (TUF) exists to ensure the Ukrainian Canadian community flourishes in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding districts for generations to come

Our Vision

The Toronto Ukrainian Foundation (TUF) envisions a future where high quality community projects are always able to find the talent and resources needed to succeed.

Mission Statement

The Toronto Ukrainian Foundation creates value by providing financial assistance in a fair and transparent way to projects that bring sustained and long term benefits to the Ukrainian Canadian community in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding municipalities.

Our Areas of Focus

The key objectives of the Toronto Ukrainian Foundation (TUF) are to:

  1. Advance Education by:
    • encouraging through scholastic awards, scholarships and fellowships, the study and development of the Ukrainian language, culture, literature, history, geography, music, fine art, and by funding qualified donees;
    • establishing and supporting in connection with the foregoing, research facilities and study facilities for the study of the Ukrainian language, culture, literature, history, geography, music, fine art, and by funding qualified donees.
  2. In relief of poverty to:
    • provide assistance to organizations who are qualified donees who provide care for the needy, elderly or indigent individuals or families;
    • provide necessities of life, including food, clean water, medical supplies, clothing, shelter, and emergency relief to victims of natural disasters and catastrophes;
    • generally, to do all such acts and things as the Corporation may find necessary or incidental to the attainment of these objects.

Our Heritage

The Toronto Ukrainian Foundation (TUF) was originally founded in 1990 as the Toronto Ukrainian Charitable Fund (TUCF) by leaders of the Ukrainian community and has worked closely with many key community organizations over the years in furthering education and eliminating poverty. In response to changing government regulations for Canadian charities, TUCF transitioned to the new Not for Profit Act and was re-branded in 2015 as the Toronto Ukrainian Foundation.

Our Board

Michael Szubelak                 President

Olya Grod                               Secretary

Cassandra Prokopiw           Treasurer

Andrew Tarapacky              Member at Large

Yurko Shust                           Member at Large

Petro Schturyn                     Member at Large