Current and Past Projects

Recurring Projects

Project name: “Yearly Remembrance Day Commemoration”

Scope: An afternoon event on the Sunday closest to the date of November 11th held at the Ukrainian park on Scarlett Road near St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Alignment with TUF identity: Education

Partners: The Ukrainian Canadian Congress Toronto Branch, Ukrainian Canadian Veterans’ Fund, Ukrainian War Veterans Association of Canada

Objective: To hold a dignified remembrance ceremony for the brave women and men who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms and democratic values, in all of the conflicts of the past century. Our objective was to raise awareness by achieving attendance levels of >200 individuals including choirs, various concert bands or various Royal Canadian Regiment Bands, members of parliament, the Ontario legislature, municipal government representatives, youth groups such as Canadian Cadets, PLAST scouting organization, the Ukrainian Youth Association, Veteran groups and the community at large.

Holodomor Awareness and Education Initiatives

The Holodomor (literally “death by hunger”) is the modern name of the artificial famine that was imposed on the Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic in 1932-1933 to break opposition to Russian authority and to maximize collection of grain that could be sold abroad to raise money for industrialization. Each year, TUF supports the efforts of various community groups in educating the Canadian public about this horrific act. A yearly community commemoration is held the 4th Saturday of November at the newly opened Holodomor Memorial located on the Canadian National Exhibition grounds just inside of the Prince’s Gates.


Past Projects

Project name: “Ambulances for Ukraine – Phase 2”

Scope: Phase 1 started in early 2015

Alignment with TUF identity: relief of poverty and suffering

Held in conjunction with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress National, Paramedic Chiefs of Canada, Canada Ukraine Foundation

Objective: Deliver 16 used, quality, 220V retrofitted ambulances to Ukraine to help transport and treat those wounded as part of the ongoing war with Russian proxies in eastern Ukraine. TUF’s monetary contribution was the equivalent of one complete refit.

Project name: UCU Helps Ukraine “Unbroken Blossoms” 2016

Scope: June 5th in Oakville at St. Volodymyr Cultural Centre; June 8th at UNF Hall in Toronto; June 10th at the UNF Hall in Hamilton, and; June 12th at the Dormition of the Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church in Mississauga. Interviews of featured guests by Radio MEEST and Kontakt TV program. Short meet and greet with two Ukrainian language and cultural Saturday schools – UNF West and Tsiopa Palijiw, as well as a similar meet and greet with pupils at St. Demetrius (Toronto Catholic District School Board).

Alignment with TUF identity: relief of poverty and suffering, education

Partners: Ukrainian Credit Union Ltd., Ukrainian National Federation – Toronto Branch, Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Toronto and Hamilton branches, St. Volodymyr Cultural Centre, Eastern Eparchy of the U.O.C. of Canada; Dormition of the Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church

Objective: Reach 1000 Toronto Ukrainian community members with a message of accomplishments and challenges of civil society in Ukraine relating to physical and mental recovery from conflict that Russia has inflicted in Ukraine.

Project name: “Euromaidan University” 2014

Scope: One-time event over three days in August 2014, during the Toronto Ukrainian Festival

Alignment with TUF identity: education

Partners: Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Toronto Branch

Objective: Attract hundreds of people to listen to and take part in seminars about the Euromaidan and the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine.